Fast Food

As a key player in the Quick Service Restaurant (QSR), Tantalizers offers a wide array of quality product offerings for Eat-in and Take-away. This includes our sumptuous oven baked pastries like Meat pie, Chicken Pie, Tanta rolls, Beef rolls, etc. We also provide different types of choice continental meals like Chips (Fries), Fried rice, Coconut rice, Chicken (different types), Fishes (Spicy, “In-sauce”, Fillet etc).


Recognizing the rich indigenous African culinary culture, our Africana brand offers a very wide range of delicious African soups like Ogbono, Egusi, Efori-iro, Edikaing-kong etc. We also offer Swallows like Eba, Pounded Yam, Amala, Semovita etc. You also have the opportunity of having our Porridge Yam, Pottage Beans, Ofada Rice, Plantain, Stock Fish, Cowleg, Moin-Moin etc at affordable prices.

Ice Cream

There are various mouth watering flavours of irresistible Soft, Hard served and Scoop ice-creams for both adults and kiddies to savour. The ice creams come in different pack sizes of affordable prices.

Tantalizers Breakfast

In an effort to overcome the challenges in most modern cities for people to have breakfast in the comfort of their homes before going to their offices, Tantalizers has developed special breakfast packages for the delight and convenience of our busy working class customers. The Tantalizers breakfast meals are positioned to enable our customers to start the day on a Tantalizing note. Breakfast meals are ready as early as 7.30am as you are driving to the office. You can order from the traditional Bean Cake (Akara) to Sandwich, Omelet, Bread, Oat, Fried /Scrambled Egg to your favorite tea or Coffee in no time.

Tantalizers Bread

We in Tantalizers recognize the fact that Bread is one staple food in this country that is widely consumed across all cultural and religious affinities. In recognition of this, we have the delicious Sunshine Bread. Sunshine Bread is a sliced 900g family loaf ready to eat. We also have the Currant and Roll Bread variants available all the time.


In Tantalizers we stock assorted types of Cakes. We have Celebration cakes, Cup Cakes, Fruit cakes, Muffins, Un-Iced and Iced Cakes. We also stock birthday Cakes and other Special Cakes for our esteemed customers. The cakes can also be designed or customized as the customer’s desire and delivered to them in the comfort of their offices or homes.


Tantalizers offer a wide range of assorted non-alcoholic drinks for the customers to choose from. The customers could choose from the options of bottled, packed or canned drinks to compliment the Pastry, Meals or Africana dishes. You could also choose from our milk, carbonated, or yoghurt based drinks which are of different sizes. We also stock various types of Energy drink for your delight.

Chinese Cuisine

Tantalizers offers its esteemed customers the benefit of having a good range of Chinese meals at affordable prices. We believe that by having Chinese meals available the customers would be saved the pains of having to look for a Chinese restaurant especially when some of their guest would need other products from either Africana or Continental. We offer under our Chinese Cuisine meals like Sea Food Fried Rice, Steamed Rice, Singaporean Noodles, Fountain Prawns, Chicken wings, etc. We also offer assorted soups like Peking soup, Sea Food Soup and Chicken Corn Soup. Our Chinese Sauces like Sweet and Sour, Chicken in Orange Sauce, Chicken in Cashew nut Sauce etc have continued to attract high patronage.